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I can't find my musician under the named kei.
Be sure that you really know what a kei your musician is. Most people put musicians under the wrong kei categorie. You can look in forums there's sometimes standing what a kei your musician is ;D

I still can't find the musician.
Then we don't have this musician in our list. If you want you can write us a mail so that we can put him in our site.

Are you in contact with these artists
No, this is only a fanpage.

Can you give me the autograph adress of my star
If we have time we can do it. But we don't have from all the autograph adress.

Can you translate my letter into japanese?
Some of us could do it, but we won't do it.

Can I work on this site, too?
We only search for a graphic designer. So if you're intrested just write a mail.