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Kra released more information about their upcoming single, set to come out on June 10th. Love Lab will come with the b-side Ryuusei aika and will be available in two versions, the limited of which will also come with a DVD featuring the PV for the title-track and a regular version, which will include the additional third track Sekai de ichiban tayori nai koi no uta.

Following the release of Itadakimasu/Miharashi ga oka, Charlotte will release a new two-track single on May 13th. The double a-side single is called Sekaijuu de ichiban taisetsu na mono/My Name is Puutarou and will include the aforementioned tracks.

Jikuu Kaizoku SEVEN SEAS announced they will disband after their concert on May 9th at Osaka Namba Rockets. The band didn't cite any particular reason for their break-up, but apologise for the sudden announcement and thank their fans for the support. Due to the circunstances, the band also decided to cancel their upcoming show at HOLIDAY OSAKA, which was scheduled to take place on April 16th.

Source: JaME 

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